Town Street

Once the more prominent of the two Brandon settlements (the other being Ferry Street – now the High Street) and often referred to as the old part of Brandon it lies to the west of St Peter’s church and once resembled a Scottish fisher village according to A J Forrest in his fascinating book Masters of Flint “…with its flint cottages, two up and two down, yards and outside loos, and fiercely independant spirit.”

Crown Street

The Crown Public House, Crown StreetThe present day brick-built Crown Pub replaced an earlier public house of the same name which was little more than a cottage.

Kelly’s Directory records that Charles FARRANT was the landlord of the Crown Inn in 1883(See page on Town Street)

Henry CURSON – gun-flint maker (1883 Kelly’s Directory)

John DODMAN – chimney sweepr. (1883 Kelly’s Directory)

Henry HUMPHREYS – shopkeeper (1883 Kelly’s Directory)

Mrs. Harriet NORTON – shopkpr. (1883 Kelly’s Directory)

Edward SHINN – White Horse (1883 Kelly’s Directory)

Oswald CARTER – baker (1883 Kelly’s Directory)

Charles FARRANT* – Crown Inn (public house) (1883 Kelly’s Directory)

Joseph OLLEY – fishmonger (1883 Kelly’s Directory)

William PRIOR – shopkeeper (1883 Kelly’s Directory)

John ROWELL – shopkeeper (1883 Kelly’s Directory)